WebMax Briefing Document

Why this document is so important and how to use this.

Firstly, don’t panic! It’s not a test. You won’t be graded. And you can’t possibly fail. This document is designed to get you thinking about…

  • Your business (“what you do”)
  • Your customers (“who they are”)
  • Your relationship with your customers (“how do we help them?”)

The sort of language we can use to get your message across.

“Why so many questions? Can’t you just figure it out?”

In short, no. You might have been doing what you do all your life, but we will never know your business as well as you. We need to understand what makes you and your business unique. These questions will help us understand exactly what, why, how, when and most importantly the value you provide customers and clients – and how we
can communicate that for you.

How long will it take me to write this?
As long as you like (but probably less than an hour).

Take 15 minutes, 30 minutes, take an hour. Take as long as you need. Not sure about something, give us a quick call. The briefing document assists us in understanding you and your business beyond just your products and services. It will also ensure we achieve more in depth website copy that reflects you and your business. Please be as descriptive as you can. Think of it as if you are selling what you do and what makes it unique to a potential client or if you meet someone at a networking or social event.

The purpose of this document is to collect all information required to deliver the proposed digital marketing campaign. We appreciate that you will take time required to fill this one up with highest accuracy as this document will work as a foundation of your campaign.

This is an interactive pdf. Save the document to your desktop and you can enter your answers directly into the boxes and sections. You can save as you work through it and once complete please re-attached to the original email and send it back to us. Please remember we do need this document two days before our briefing session as we will be doing preliminary research that will assist in the project moving ahead more efficiently.

Please fill out as much you can before marketing briefing.
Your Account Manager will help with the rest.










Digital Assets



Personal Information

Business Information

Core Business Hours:


Physical address is required even if you use a PO Box. Google Plus pages will only send PIN code to a physical address. This address does not have to be displayed if you want to keep it private.

Marketing Information

Your Product or Service

Existing Account Access Required (Technical)

Please make sure to verify these details prior sending us.

Yes No

Skip Questions 3-4 if new website

Current Digital Assets (leave blank if you don’t have any)


Yes No

Clients to provide

1. Logo (RAW file if possible, otherwise high quality)

2. Headshot of Business Owner

3. Headshot of all employees

4. Relevant images of your workplace (if brick and motor)

5. Relevant Images of you or your employees at work (i.e.)

6. Email copy of client testimonials