Using digital marketing and SEO to make sure your website doesn’t get lost or left behind
Using digital marketing and SEO to make sure your website doesn’t get lost or left behind

Using digital marketing and SEO to make sure your website doesn’t get lost or left behind

The world wide web. It’s a whole other world out there with so many everchanging rules, acronyms and Google algorithms. So how do you make sure your website doesn’t get lost or left behind? At BeLocal Today, we help every day business owners just like you navigate the world wide web with successful digital marketing strategies that help gain you organic traffic. Here are five simple things you can do to help your website be found by potential customers.

Engage your customers through your titles, URLs and meta descriptions

Often your page titles, URLs or meta descriptions are the first thing that your customer sees! Add some flare with descriptive language, keywords or your location to make your titles, URL and meta descriptions stand out from the crowd.

Don’t stop at one blog or social media post!

When you upload new content to your website or new posts to your social media platforms, Google sees you are actively attempting to engage with your audience and share information with them. Adding fresh content could also include videos, images, or testimonials. This also means that any return visitors will have new and interesting information to consume, rather than seeing the same old website they visited last time.

Ensure your website load times are speedy!

In todays fast paced and consumer driven world your website’s loading time is everything. Studies have shown that more than half of your potential customers will leave your website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load, with people starting to lose interest after 3 seconds.

Set your website up to work on desktops, mobiles and tablets

It is far more likely that your potential customers are coming to your website from their mobile or tablet, rather than their desktop. If your website doesn’t work properly on a mobile or tablet device, you will find your potential customers will get frustrated and move on to another website.

Set up a Google My Business profile

The best thing about this, is its free! This profile will help you manage your online presence within Google. When you have a Google My Business profile you can also provide your customers with a quick overview of your location, opening hours, services, images and customers can review you through Google Reviews. The more positive Google Reviews you have, the better!

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