It’s what our clients say about our digital marketing that counts

We love it when our clients do well because it means we’re doing our job well too. Even if you wanted to, it’s unlikely as a business owner that you would have the extra time needed to work on your SEO, Content Writing, Google My Business, and Social Media Marketing. That’s what we’re here for, to professionally manage all your digital marketing. We have a team of in-house specialists and you’ll even get your own account manager. We make it easy to get started with Our Packages created specially to fit local business needs and budgets. Here’s what some of our Gold Coast and Brisbane clients say.


Our company engaged Ferdous and his team late last year to build a new website and manage our internet marketing. We understood little about this field and were unsure who to trust but hoped we made the right decision. His team put together a fantastic looking website which we are more than happy with. Our ranking on Google is climbing and we are receiving enquiries from our site. Our industry is highly competitive but we are now right up there on that important first page which is vital to any successful business in the future. I highly recommend Ferdous and the BeLocal team to help your business grow.

Kitchen Brokers Queensland


We decided to evolve our website and have it rebuilt by BeLocal as our current site was not google friendly. We were quoted some astronomical dollar values by other companies that seemed very generic with their information purely aiming our current website at SEO’s ad campaigns.

BeLocal have been fantastic through our sites evolution, not just taking our money and pushing our current inadequate website, but the team recommending the their ideal path was to rebuild our site, to which allowed for a better growth generically at a far better value than others wanted for just ad campaigns.

The team have been excellent while gathering the information that make our site work and at making sure the development is in the direction we visioned. Working with the BeLocal team has been a pleasure and look forward to continuing to wok with them.

G & A Tactical Guns & Ammo

We had a rocky start as my previous company had done some damage to my site and SEO but the BE LOCAL TEAM kept at it. They told me to have Faith and they worked there butts off to achieve the results I needed. I am happy to say we are back on page one of Google and the future looks bright. I was not the easiest customer they have had to deal with I’m sure but they didn’t give up and now we are on our way to bringing the Business to where it needs to be and the phones are ringing again!! Thanks Be Local love ya work!


Great work guys we have gone up in the advertising space since we have started with them. They were few hiccups but now a year later I can seriously say that we would not be able to reach as many customers as we do without their help. By letting be local team take care of the SEO side our business we got more time to focus on getting other part of the business working better. We have signed up our second year and it looks like this will be an ongoing partnership. Thank you

Gold Coast Watersports

Barry was an electrical contractor who was struggling to compete in his cut throat business,we approached Be local with an open mind and little expectation. Boy were we supprised, Barrys work load ‘ took off’ after a very short time.the crew at Be local were professional ,honest ,transparent, and attentive. They approached the job at hand with a can do attitude.We are very happy with the results and now we employ people and are off to FIJI next week,cool.

Thankyou BeLocal ,great job.

Sparkies Electrical

We have been with BeLocal for over 2 years now. BeLocal created our website and set up other directories for us and we receive lots of positive comments. Our marketing campaign has improved dramatically and they keep in touch regularly reminding me of things I need to do to keep the campaign on track. As a small business, it is hard to remember the simple things like adding photos and obtaining reviews and updating the web site. So glad we found you guys and thanks for the nudge you give me occasionally.

KBHI Pty Ltd

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Search Engine

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Logo & Business
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