Is Google becoming more social?
Is Google becoming more social?

Is Google becoming more social?

Remember Google Plus? That was Google’s attempt to link Google Local with a social platform. Although Google Plus didn’t exactly take-off, it didn’t mean the end of Google’s push to make its Local platform more social.

Over the past couple of years Google has been adding more ‘social’ features to their Local platform. Social features include:

  • Posts
  • Location Sharing
  • Q&A’s
  • Ability to follow a business

If you own a business, whether it has a permanent fixed address or whether it’s mobile based, you should be taking advantage of the Google My Business platform.

You’ve probably seen Maps come up when you’ve been searching for a local business using Google. They’re very powerful because they are what shows up first in a Google search.

Here are the 3 biggest reasons why you need to have a Local presence if you are a business owner.

  • It’s free!
  • It can give you prominent visibility in local based Google searches
  • It’s geared especially to mobile which is where local searches are heading

The basics of Google My Business

Here’s the basics. Google My Business is the home and dashboard (control panel) for a number of Google platforms especially suited for businesses. From your Google My Business dashboard you can check on Google Analytics, update your business information, add photos of your business (products etc.), add special offers, read and respond to customer reviews, and connect your YouTube account.

Want to add one or more employees or a third party to manage you Google My Business, account? No problem, Google has you covered with the ability to add additional ‘Managers’.

Does your business have more than one location? Again, no problem, you can manage that from your Google My Business dashboard too.

While claiming your Google My Business page is relatively straight forward, it’s important to make sure you complete 100% of all the available fields and importantly, select the right categories, and ensure that the back-end issues are compliant with Google.

Want some help getting your Google My Business in order? 

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