Why Google Reviews are Important to Your Business
Why Google Reviews are Important to Your Business

Why Google Reviews are Important to Your Business

Google is an essential tool for your business to connect with the local customer. Those same local customers are also using Google to compare your business with your competitors by reading about other’s experiences. They do so, using Google Reviews.

Since, these reviews are obviously favoured by Google they will be the first to pop up on potential customers screens when searching local industry businesses. This is why they are such a powerful tool for your business! Having Google Reviews from past customers can be the difference between generating leads and losing clients to others who do.

Customer reviews are one of the first things that pop up on people’s screens when
they search your business category on Google and Google Maps!

Ultimately, reviews build trust. Which is an especially beneficial tool to any small or new business. Reviews provide legitimacy and proof to potential customers of previous satisfaction among your past clients. Like a personal recommendation, a review will increase the chances of those potential leads choosing you above your competitors.

Why Google Reviews are Important to Your Business

It has been found that the more reviews a business has, the more trustworthy it is deemed. Most potential leads will read upwards to six reviews to feel as though they are making an informed decision about your business.

How to Get Google Reviews for Your Business

The very first step: verify your business on Google! Your business will need to have a Google+ page created, on which you can claim your business on Google. It is such an important, and yet often overlooked aspect of most businesses online. Google prefers verified businesses, so not only will it increase your chances of showing up first on Google’s Ranking, it will also allow people to leave reviews.

The second step: ask your customers to leave reviews. Like any aspect of a business, there is work involved. You need to be proactive about getting your customers to generate reviews for your business. Without encouragement, often only negative reviews are generated. So, it is important to actively encourage customers to leave reviews. Even if it is a mere “Great job!”, it is a step in the right direction for your business.

Google Reviews build trust. Trust builds leads.
Leads produce sales. Sales build success!

Lastly, respond to each and every one of your reviews. Yes, even the bad ones; most especially the negative ones! It is important to customers to see how you have responded, hear your perspective of the situation and see how you have gone about amending the complaint. Potential customers want to know that you care about your customers, so your feedback on reviews is vital.

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