Google My Business Profile, More Important Than Your Website?
Google My Business Profile, More Important Than Your Website?

Google My Business Profile, More Important Than Your Website?

The majority of small businesses offering a product or service need and want more enquiries each and every week.

Sustainability, growth and profit can be attributed by fresh, new leads and enquiries from local people interested to buy = warm leads.

Many of those warm leads are using their mobile devices and Google search engine to search.

The next step is quite interesting……….

Google ads typically receive around 20% of the traffic while 40% of the population will head straight to Google Maps

The businesses listed in the Snack Pack, as it is commonly known (the 3 map listings) enjoy the spoils as this is “fishing where the fish are”.

Why does Google Maps even exist?

It is simply Google giving us what we want.

46% of all Google searches are a result of us looking for a local business, product, service or industry and Google has only ever been about giving us a great experience so we continue to use it as our favoured search engine over the competition.


Why “Maps” hold all the clues……


Let’s look at the information available on a Google My Business profile.


Business name


Ph #

Business hours

Website link


Photos / Images

Call buttons


Message button

Menu / description of key services

Questions and Answers = Discussions

Posts – Google wants us to posting on our Google My Business profiles just as we would on conventional profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc

So much information can be gathered from Google My Business that many of us don’t even need to visit the website of the business we are interested in.

We can simply click call and speak with a human to request more information, a meeting or a quote.

Easy and quick and let’s face it, we all love…… easy and quick!


Should you need any help with getting your local business in Google Maps do not hesitate to contact the team at BeLocal Today 🙂