Keep ahead of the digital marketing evolution

At BeLocal Today, we recognise that most organisations struggle with two key challenges: digitising their business to compete and thrive in today’s market and a lack of skilled digital marketing professionals to guide and support their business.
For businesses to maintain a competitive edge, they need to stay up to date with developments in digital marketing by utilising technology and harnessing data to connect with their customers. To do this, every business needs a dedicated team of skilled digital marketers.
Unfortunately, the fast-paced evolution of digital marketing has created what experts are referring to as a ‘digital disconnect’. As a result, recruitment agencies all over Australia are noting a shortage of skilled digital marketing professionals. This shortage is predicted to increase in the coming years.
According to recent statistics, 82% of digital marketers recognise that their career skills have changed, with 37% indicating they don’t have the skills needed to interpret the vast amount of data available to them.

Become a digital marketing professional with Belocal Education

As the largest digital marketing agency in Australia, we want to give back to the industry. That’s why we now offer BeLocal Education, a program to provide professional digital marketing training and certification. We have teamed up with universities and other educational organisations across Australia to help make you more hireable.
Our certified courses offer structured syllabuses to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a digital marketing professional. With BeLocal Education you will gain a globally recognised and transferable qualification, which will boost your career prospects, earning potential and job security.
With our innovative certification programs, we hope to fill the vacuum of digital marketers in Australia and help organisations across the country improve their digital marketing potential.

For more information about Education please contact.

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