The Do’s of Digital Marketing on the Gold Coast
The Do’s of Digital Marketing on the Gold Coast

The Do’s of Digital Marketing on the Gold Coast

As you walk around the Gold Coast, sit on the bus or pass a café, its hard not to notice all the
technology that is being used. In this day and age, we can shop whilst we wait for our coffee order
and research virtually anything whilst sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, the possibilities are

When you look at the world today, its not a question of whether you need to engage in digital
media, but how.

At BeLocal, on the Gold Coast, we talk to a myriad of businesses and we’re often asked what they
need to do to get leads, and our answer is simple, there is no ONE thing that will work. We believe to
be successful in your digital marketing approach you need to incorporate a combination of activities.

We’ve compiled a list of marketing do’s that every company on the Gold Coast that undertakes any
digital marketing needs to think about.

  1. You need a plan. If you don’t know where you are heading and where you want to be, how
    will you ever know when you get there. By knowing what you want to achieve, you can set
    goals, KPI’s and plan your budget with a clearly defined destination for your business.
  2. To produce a meaningful digital marketing campaign for your Gold Coast business, you need
    to firstly know your customer. Who are they? What do they need? How can you reach
    them? If you don’t know who your customer is how can you effectively reach them?
  3. Know your competitors. Unless you are lucky enough to be in a niche market its highly likely
    you have competitors that are trying to reach the same customers as you. By ignoring your
    competitors, it won’t make them go away, but it will give them the competitive edge. By
    analysing your competition, you can work out where your unique value propositions lie.
  4. Think about all your digital marketing being mobile responsive. You might start planning and
    designing things on your desktop and it looks great, but when you think about it, when was
    the last time you needed an electrician and you fired up the desktop to search for one? Most
    people get their phones or iPads out and if a site takes too long to load or isn’t mobile
    responsive you can guarantee they’ll go to a site that is.
  5. The golden rule in marketing is that all objectives need to be measurable. If you can’t
    quantify your marketing activities how can you track them? Measuring your results is
    imperative to succeeding, and if all is going well it’s a great reason to celebrate.

Talk to BeLocal about our measurable and guaranteed results for your digital marketing on the Gold
Coast. Don’t experience frustration or over inflated prices, we guarantee results and we pride
ourselves on being honest and transparent.