The don’ts of digital marketing on the Gold Coast
The don’ts of digital marketing on the Gold Coast

The don’ts of digital marketing on the Gold Coast

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for any business, however if done incorrectly it can actually have
an adverse effect.

BeLocal deals with hundreds of businesses on the Gold Coast. Although most business owners
appreciate the importance of digital marketing, it’s still a bit of a minefield for many.

At BeLocal we’ve compiled a few basic don’ts for small businesses that are engaging in digital

1. Don’t think social media is just for Generation Y and Millennials

When you know your audience, you can work out how to reach them. Don’t be mistaken for thinking
that social media is just for the younger generation. The use of technology by the older generation,
including pensioners on the Gold Coast, is on the rise so do not neglect to communicate with them
in this capacity.

2. Don’t ignore bad reviews

Ignoring bad reviews won’t make them go away. Replying to a bad review can be very powerful.
Acknowledging a customer’s dissatisfaction and finding a way to solve it can not only win your
customer back but it shows that you are a company that cares.

3. Don’t spread yourself too thin

Don’t decide to go on every social media channel and then neglect to post. Choose a channel that
works for you and make a concerted effort to be consistent and offer valuable content. Quality is
definitely preferred over quantity.

4. Don’t limit yourself to the written word.

You only have to look around the Gold Coast to see how popular videos are. Millions of people
worldwide watch videos on their phones, laptops, desktops and iPads every second of every day, so
why not communicate with your audience through medium you know they enjoy and use.

5. Don’t use spam

Spam can work, but does anyone really like it? No one enjoys those pop-up ads, and we’re so
sceptical about whether they carry a virus that we are almost a little fearful when we do see them.
Do the right thing, spam is the worst way to market and you certainly won’t win any friends.

As small business owners you can often find yourself as the CEO, CFO, worker, accountant,
marketing manager and that’s just a few of the hats you wear on a daily basis. BeLocal, on the Gold
Coast, want to take some of the stress from you. We want you to concentrate on your core business.
Talk to us about how we can incorporate a consistent digital marketing campaign that will yield
genuine and guaranteed leads for your business.