Why You SHOULD CARE About Digital Marketing?
Why You SHOULD CARE About Digital Marketing?

Why You SHOULD CARE About Digital Marketing?

Why You SHOULD CARE About Digital Marketing

  • 90% of small businesses FAIL at digital marketing.
  • As high as 30% of businesses budget is wasted!
  • Only 27% of Australian small businesses have claimed their businesses on Google through Google My Business.
  • The biggest problem is the slow performance of websites. Only 12% of websites loaded within three seconds during a speed test.
  • Google’s recent study revealed that 53% of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than THREE SECONDS to load.

Who Are BeLocal Today?

BeLocal Today have developed a digital marketing framework specifically designed to help small to medium businesses. Unlike any other, we manage ALL aspects of your online portfolio: from website design, content creation, google presence and social media posting all the way through to analytic tracking, SEO keyword strategy and more. AND we do it all locally and in-person.

BeLocal takes all the tech stress out of the online side of your business,
letting you get back to doing what’s important.

How Can BeLocal Today Help?

  • We do EVERYTHING for you, end-to-end.
  • We have a framework SPECIFICALLY designed towards small businesses, one that the little guy CAN afford.
  • For the FIRST TIME EVER there is a digital marketing product that offers GUARANTEED RESULTS (or your money back!).
  • There is no other product out there that has our deliverables, that’s a fact.
  • We are the ONLY digital marketing company that is LOCAL (you can ACTUALLY visit your account manager IN PERSON).
  • We are physically coming to you, and will have an office in your area.

If your business is falling behind on Google’s Ranking, taking too long to load or simply not doing what you need it to, BeLocal can help. Not only can we host your website at our local service provider, we can help you manage and optimise your site so that it is successful for your business.

For More Information:

Please feel free to contact us for more information about:

  • How BeLocal Today can save small businesses;
  • Our attached PRESS RELEASE detailing how small businesses are losing money; or
  • To speak with Imtiaz Rizvi, CEO of BeLocal Today OR Ferdous Haider, the Technical Lead of the study and a prominent digital marketer.

Call 07 5528 1332 or visit www.belocal.today